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5 Benefits of Body Massage

Let us look at the 5 benefits of body massage.

Reduce Stress

One of the symptom of stress is increase in blood pressure. Massaging is able reduce and balance the blood pressure. It gives you a sense of soothing comfort sensation to your mind as well as relaxes your bone and muscle. Studies have shown that massage stimulate good brain chemical like dopamine and serotonin. Which stimulation of these 2 brain chemicals makes us feel happier. Not only did massage help relieves of stress but it also improve our sleep quality. Research had proved that people with sleep insomnia problem show improvement after massaging.

2. Eases body pain

Body massage is one of the best remedy to cure body pain. According to the Traditional Chinese Medical Theory (TCM), massaging is often used as a cure to relief body pain. By rubbing, tapping and pinching, it helps removes the pain. Massage is especially useful for problem like arthritis, body soreness and sports injury.

3. Improve blood circulation

Massaging is able improve blood circulation. With a better blood circulation, the immune system will be stronger and generally improve the health and fitness.  It helps removes fatigue and makes you feel more energetic. Massage allows blood to flow more smoothly by clearing possible blockage. Healthy blood circulation is important because all our nutrients and oxygen is transport to all parts of our body from the blood circulation.

4. Good for Skin

Facial massaging keeps our skin firmer and more elastic. As we age, our skin will become less elastic and becomes wrinkled. Frequent massage keeps our skin young and healthy. It slow down the ageing process. Facial massage can also be use together with external skincare product to enhance better absorption.

5. Stretches our body

Lastly, massaging is as good as exercising our muscle. It creates muscle movement to reduce body stiffness. It is especially useful for people who seldom exercise or work in the office. One common problem is stiffness on the back and neck area. Frequent body massaging is able reduce this problem.

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