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5 habits to Treat Insomnia

5 Habits to Treat Insomnia

There are many ways to treat insomnia. Examine the 5 good habits that can treat insomnia.

Sleep at Regular Time

Create a habit of sleeping at regular time and waking up at a regular timing everyday. This will train the clock in the brain to slow down near sleeping time and get energize when wakes up every morning.

Avoid Napping

Afternoon nap may be the cause insomnia. If a nap is really needed, try to limit it to not more than 30 minute and before 3pm.

No Caffeine and Alcohol before sleep

Some people reacted more towards caffeine. Caffeine are found in coffee and tea. It makes a person more energetic and also increase in blood pressure. If  the people reacted well to caffeine and it is being consume within 4 hours before sleep; it can cause insomnia. It is recommend to avoid drinking caffeine for at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Alcohol in other way, make a person more sleepy. Report have shown that although alcohol helps in getting the person to sleep but the quality of sleep with alcohol is not as good as sleeping without alcohol.

Exercise Regularly

Do regular exercise to keep the body fit and healthy. 20 minutes of exercise a day is is needed to keep the body healthy. Simple exercise like brisk walking  and body stretching are good enough. The Traditional Chinese Medicine theory state that insomnia is due to poor blood circulation. Regular exercise can improve poor blood circulation and helps in reducing body pain.

Sleeping Environment

The environment of the bedroom is important for quality sleep. Dark room environment helps in sleeping. Curtain and eye mask can be used to avoid brightness. Also make sure that the room is quiet. Avoid loud music and sometimes soft and soothing music helps in insomnia.

The bedroom are mend for sleeping. Therefore, all other activities like like working, watching television, reading should be done outside the bedroom. This helps the brain to function accordingly to the habit routine.

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