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Acupressure for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Acupressure for shoulder and neck pain.

Neck and shoulder pain is a common alignment experience by people living in the urban city. Acupressure is a form of body massage exercise which is able to provide relief for neck and shoulder pain. To make acupressure easier, acupressure tool can be use. Common reason for neck and shoulder pain are:

  • Long hours of using computer or smart phone as it causes muscle exertion in order to support the head when our head is face down.
  • Poor sitting or working posture can cause blockage of blood flow and result in poor blood circulation. Hence making the person to feel tired and muscle ache.
  • Over exertion of muscle which causes too much stress for our body to handle.
  • Freezing temperature – due to cold weather of not enough warm clothing to keep us warm. Or being in an air-conditioner environment where temperature is too cold for the body to handle. Feeling cold tend to make the muscle to become stiff and will also slow down blood circulation.

Acupressure point to relief neck and shoulder pain



A point in between the index and middle finger which just below the base of the finger joint. If you have pain on the left side of the neck or shoulder; massage the right side of the point. Subsequently, massage on the left point for pain on the right.

Use your left hand to press on the right shoulder point and right hand to press on the left shoulder. Press firm pressure onto it and rotate circular movement for a minute or two.



There are 4 major point which are located at the side of the top and bottom of the cervical spine/ neck. Pressing on this acupoint can provide muscle relief to the neck and shoulder. These are the important point whereby the blood is being transported to and fro the head and the neck. It is able to clear away any blood blockage and improve the blood circulation. Press and rotate your finger until the pain on the neck and shoulder get better.



At the middle of the back of the head which is located at the length of the ear lope. Use the middle finger and press firmly on it while the other hand pinch on the side of the eye socket in between of both eye on the bridge of the nose. Do it for 1 minute.



Locate to the point on the shoulder which is near to the joint of the hand, Use firm pressure and press for about 1 minute or until you feel more relief.

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