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Benefits of Green Tea

Benefit of Drinking Green Tea

Doctor have been recommending green tea over other kind of tea. This is because green tea contains higher level of catechin. Green tea is reported to have the highest content of catechin than any other food and beverages. It is a kind of chemical that has a lot of health benefit. Studies have shown that 100 milliliters of regular green tea contains 127 milligram of catechin.

Catechin can be extracted to the water by hot water of around 70 to 80 degrees celcius. Hence, it is best to brew green tea between 70 to 80 degree celcius. Temperature above this will damage the catechin properties.

Benefits of Catechin includes:

High level in antioxidant

Anti-oxidant food are able to block and reduce the oxidation damage like the impact from aging, air pollution, excessive consumption of alcohol and ultraviolet ray from sunlight. Antioxidant  helps the body to retain it youthful state of health. Consuming high content of antioxidant can reduce the risk cancer. Studies have reported that people who drink at least 1 cup green tea everyday have lower probability of suffering from cancer.

Antibacterial Properties

Catechin helps in fighting bacterial and toxin in the body. It boost up the immune system which is especially in preventing sore throat, acne and eczema. In addition, it also speed up the healing process for wound and injuries. According to TCM theory, green tea is cool in properties. Hence,  it can reduce body temperature and remove body heatiness.

Weight Loss

Drinking green tea helps in reducing body weight. Catechin is able to improve the digestive system. Drinking green tea increase the breakdown for digesting fats. However, it is not advisable to drink green tea with an empty stomach which will cause gastric pain and dizziness. When catechin is absorb into the blood stream and reaches the liver; it boost the function of the liver which the liver is responsible for promoting fats metabolism.


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