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Benefits of Foot Massage

Benefits of Foot Massage

There are many benefits of foot massage. Foot massaging is simply done by applying firm pressure to the foot acupressure point. As refer to the chart above; the foot is well connected to all parts of the body. Massaging on the foot is as good as having a full body massage. In addition, it is also easier to focus on massaging on the foot rather than massaging to the whole body.

Reduce Stress

Foot massage is able to reduce stress by causing a soothing sensation and relaxes the mind. Studies have shown that massage stimulate good brain chemical like dopamine and serotonin. Which stimulation of these 2 brain chemicals makes us happier.

Improve Sleep Quality

One of the reason of having a bad sleep quality is due to poor blood circulation. Foot massaging helps improve the body blood circulation. Hence it is helpful in people with insomnia. Interestingly, there are certain areas that by stimulating it help you to sleep better.

Improve Health Problem

Different area of the foot represent different body function. And by massaging on the points helps improve the body function. For e.g: when a person have poor digestive system, it is best to massage on the stomach area represented on the foot. This will improve the digestive health. Studies have shown that if massaging on certain area that is more painful than other area means weakness in that function. Frequent foot massage is able to improve the health making the body more youthful and energetic. The left feet represent the left side of the body. Hence, the right feet will connect to the right side of the body.

It is able to heal problem like:

  • Backache
  • Insomnia
  • Poor digestive system
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Water retention

Remove Tired Feet

Massaging remove tired feet by increasing blood circulation to the feet. Therefore remove the pain and stress from the feet. Tired feet is due to long standing hours as well as poor sitting posture and wearing of uncomfortable shoes. As the feet connects the important function of the whole body, it is advisable to keep the feet warm and healthy.



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