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Benefits of Stretching your Body

Benefits of Stretching your Body

Stretching of the body involve pulling of the joint, muscle and bones. Stretching can be done with a professional who can be a masseur or fitness trainer. A good example of stretching exercise will be yoga. It can also be done using stretching device like back stretcher which can help body stretching. The body needs to be stretch in order to obtain the following benefits:

Prevent Ageing Symptom

As the body grow older each day, the muscle and joint tend to become more stiff and tough. Stiff body can cause body pain and makes the person more prone to tiredness. It improves body flexibility so that doing certain movement like picking up thing s from the floor will not be tough chores. Being more flexible can help to reduce sprain injury.

Improve Blood Circulation

When the body is being stretch, it expand the blood vessel causing transportation of  more nutrient and oxygen to various parts of the body. Better blood flow can prevent heat disease by maintaining a more constant blood pressure as well as reducing heart rate. Good blood flow is necessary for a better immune system by promoting better cell growth for replacing and repairing damage tissue.

Reduce Stress and Fatigue

It relaxes the body by bringing in more oxygen to the brain. More oxygen to the brain can improve performance and remove fatigue. It can reduce body pain and gives you a soothing and comfortable sensation.

Improve Posture

Poor body posture can be improve by stretching. Bad body posture slows down blood circulation and increase body tiredness. Sometime, it is the lack of exercise or body movement that cause the bones, joints and cartridge to become stiff and affect body posture.  Stretching pull the body back to its original position.

Better Brain Performance

Do a little stretching exercise when you are feeling tired; it can improve memory and gives you better brain performance.

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