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How Brisk Walking Benefit You

How Brisk Walking Benefit You

Brisk walking is a kind of exercise that is suitable for all ages. Walking at a speed of between 5 to 12km per hour is known as brisk walking. It involves walking faster than the normal the walking pace. For people who do not like to do heavy exercise, brisk walking will be a better choice. Each brisk walking exercise should last at least 15 and at least 3 times per week. However, it is best to do it everyday.

Tips for Brisk Walking

Warm up the body by start off at a slower pace and increase the speed gradually when the body starts to get used to it. If the body feels too tired and breathless, slow down the speed and reduce the exercise timing. Do not overwork the physical body.

Take deep breath to allow more oxygen intake. Hence, it allows better blood circulation and allows more nutrients to the body. Deep breathing also allows the body to release excess toxin. In addition, it reduce stress and lower the heartbeat rate as well as the blood pressure.

Save time by doing it during break time during working hours. Perhaps, just spend 20 minutes on walking on the way back home from work. It only need 15 minutes per session.

Wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high-heel. Best is to wear track shoes which is more comfortable. A good shoes will allows better body blood circulation. Moreover, a comfortable shoes will automatically promote better walking posture.

Good for the Heart

We need to exercise in order to keep the heart young and healthy. When brisk walk, the heartbeat will increase and this will improve and maintain the body stamina. It will decrease the risk of heart disease.

Improve Stamina

Lack of exercise will cause the body to age faster and affect the body stamina. People will poor stamina will often feels more tired and restless easily. Brisk walk warm up the body and frequent brisk walk can increase stamina and makes the body muscle stronger.


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