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Effective Ways to Reduce Eye Bag, Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle

The skin around the eye are more tender than other part of the facial skin. The first wrinkle and fine line are usually seen around the eye. However, there are different ways to reduce eye bag, dark circle and eye wrinkle.


Avoid rubbing the eyes

Rubbing of the eye will increase the risk of having visible wrinkle and fine lines. This is because the skin around the eye are very tender and can be easily damage.


Sleep Well

Have enough rest and sleep to allow healthy eye and glowing skin. Expert recommend to have about 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleeping is the only time when our body can rest and relax completely. Healing and burning of fats occurs during sleep. Always get to bed before 11pm. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory (TCM), 11pm to 3am is the time where our body start to detoxifies to get rid of body toxin. Dark circle might be due to having excessive toxin in the body.

Avoid Straining of Eyes

Rest your eyes well to avoid straining and stressing of the eyes. Straining the eye will cause the blood vessel around the eyes to dilate and causes dark circle.  Look away to the distance for about 2 minutes after every 20 minutes of looking at computer or mobile phone. Focusing near object for too long will cause stress on the eyes.


Exercise and Eat Well

Exercise regularly for about 20 minutes everyday. Simple exercise like brisk walking and stretching of the bones and muscle will keep the body and skin young and healthy. Have a balance meal and  avoid food that is too oily and avoid eating too much.



Try the acupressure massage by pinching along the nose bridge just between both of the eyes. Pinch with the index finger and thumb continuously for 10 second and repeat 8 times. Do it at least once per day before sleep and whenever the eyes feel tired.


Yoga Technique

Try the yoga technique of relaxing the eye. Rub both of the palm vigorously until it get warm. Then place both palm onto the eye with the finger on the forehead as shown on the picture above. Do not press the eye and just cover the eyes. Take deep breath and relax your mind and body. Release your hand after you feel more relax and comfortable preferably for at least 1 minute.



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