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Eye Massage Technique

Eye Massage Technique

Usually the first wrinkle is seen around the eye area. This because the skin and muscle tissue are one of the most delicate part of our body. Too many facial expression or frequent rubbing of eye can cause fine line and wrinkle to be more visible. While discoloration and puffy eye is usually due to poor blood circulation.  You can refer to this link article to learn more about dark circle and eye bag problem. Try this eye massage technique to improve blood circulation and reduce the ageing symptom of having wrinkle, dark circle and puffy eye.

To enhance the quality of eye massage, massage oil can be apply. Or even massage tools like ion eye massager and rose quart acupressure tool can be helpful when doing the eye massage technique. You will be able to see the improvement on the skin complexion as well as feeling more energetic with better blood circulation.

Eye Massage Steps

Start off by massaging on the point along the bridge of the nose in between both eyebrow. Press and lift up the muscle and hold for 10 second. And repeat it for 8 times. This will be a good start to relax your mind and body. Remember to take deep breath throughout the whole massage session.

Secondly massage the temple which is an important point for massaging. Press and rotate this point for a minute or 2. It further relax your body and soul.

Refer to the blue dotted from the diagram above and use light pressure to move around the eye socket. Do it in clockwise direction for a minute or 2 then change to anti-clockwise movement. Do not use too much pressure to avoid the risk of having visible line. This step is to improve the blood circulation.

Lastly, massage each acupoint around the eye. You can locate it by referring to the red dot as shown in the same diagram above. Use firm  pressure to press onto each point on the left and the right eye. Hold it for at least 20 second, if your have the time – best to hold for 1 minute.



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