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Facial Acupoint Massage

Facial Acupoint Massage

Facial acupoint massage is a kind of remedy that is passed down by the ancient Chinese for over 5000 years. It is effective in treating skin disorder like acne, blemish and eczema. Acupressure treatment can also help in slowing down the ageing symptom like firming skin, reducing and removing the visibility of wrinkle and fine lines. In addition, it makes the skin glowing and healthy.

Facial acupoint massage can be done better with the aid of guasha tool as well as ion eye massager.

Just by spending about 15 minute everyday and follow the simple facial acupressure exercise. You will find that your skin will the skin looks younger and glowing.

Temple Massage

Temple is an important acupoint. It is located 1 finger away from the corner of the eye. Use moderate pressure to press and rotate the temple for about 1 minute.  Massaging on the temple can relax the mind and remove fatigue. It is good in providing relief for headache. Stimulating the temple can improve blood circulation and improve sleep quality. Regular massage on the temple also helps in preventing and reducing eye bag and dark circle. Massaging allow increasing of blood circulation to the eye and makes the eyes looks brighter.

Beauty Sleep Massage

This acupoint is located along the bridge of the nose in between both eyes. Stimulate the acupoint by pinching both points with light pressure using both the thumbs. Release after 10 seconds and repeat it for about 8 times. This will help in promoting better sleep quality, remove fatigue and allow better skin tone.

Third Eye Point

It is located in the middle of the eyebrow on the point where the nose and forehead connect together.   Press and rotate it for a minute.  It stimulates the pituitary gland which  helps in balancing the body’s hormones level. A good balance of hormone level are critical in maintaining a glowing and healthy skin. In addition, it also increase the blood circulation to the eye to improve the skin complexion around the eye; helps in preventing and reducing dark circle and eye bag.

Detoxification Point

At the tip of the cheek bone and about 1 finger away from the nose. Press firmly for a minute. This will help in stimulating our body to remove toxin. Which is helpful for infection skin problem like acne, blemish and eczema. This will also aid in preventing sagging skin and improve skin tone. It not only helps beautify the skin but also help in improving the body immune system.

Heavenly Glow Point

Locate the point along the line of the ear lobe just below the corner of the jawline. This is helpful in improving the luster of the skin, reduce enlarge pore and skin tone.

Blemish Free Point

Place one finger away from the lower eye socket along the center of the eye. This is useful in reducing and preventing acne and blemish problem. Press it for about 2 minutes.


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