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Facial Lifting Technique

Facial Lifting Technique

As we age, our facial muscle tends to sag downwards. It is the gravity force that causes the muscle to become loss and makes us look older. Too much facial emotion will also cause the muscle to become loss. Studies have shown that facial emotion like smiling and laughing cause the skin to sag even more. However, there are ways to resolve this problem.

Some people chose to go for for facial lifting surgery which can be quite risky and expensive. Of course there are other cheaper and safer ways to get skin lifted. We will now look at facial massaging technique that is able to tighten your skin and makes yous face looks young and glowing.

Facial lifting massage involve exercising of the muscle against the law of gravity force. Before facial massage, you can apply massage oil to reduce friction or even use massage tools like electric facial massager or guasha tool.

Follow the 8 steps below.

Each step should last for 1 minute and each facial should last for 8 minutes.facial-cleanser-massager-brush-8

  1. Start off with the chin area. Rub against the jawline of the chin to prevent double chin and will make your face looks slimmer.
  2. Step 2 is to prevent and reduce the laugh line. Frequent laughter can cause visible wrinkle and laugh line along  the side of the mouth. This is why we have to rub in this direction to erase them.
  3. As we grow older, our skin will sag downwards. In order to prevent sagging of facial muscle, we have to  massage upwards against the gravity force.
  4. Massage the cheek backwards to the ear
  5. Rub against the gravity on upwards direction from the tip of the nose to top of the nose.
  6. To prevent eye back , massage from the top of the nose to the temple which is an important acupoint for relieving of stress and headache. Massaging along the eye can also help reduce tired eyes.
  7. To reduce forehead line or wrinkle, massage from the top of the nose all the way up to the hairline.
  8. This step is also to prevent forehead line.  Move from the tip of the eyebrow towards the side of the hairline.

For best effect, do it at least once a day. You will find your skin becoming more glowing and younger. Moreover, it also helps to reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

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