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How much Fruits and Vegetable do we need

How much Fruits and Vegetable do we need

We need to consume enough fruits and vegetable in order to absorb the necessary nutrients into the body. Fruits and vegetable contains vitamins and mineral in order for the body to function well. Certain vitamins and mineral can only be found in fruits and vegetable. Thus, it is important to consume sufficient fruits and vegetable.  In addition, it also contains dietary fiber which can be found in any kind of fruits and vegetables.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber plays a major role in the digestive health. It is a kind of insoluble substances that cannot be breakdown and absorb into the body. Hence, it is extracted out of the body through the stool. Fiber being consume will pass through the stomach to the large intestine. In the large intestine, fiber which is sticky at this point is able to stick up dirt and bacterial which may be toxin to the body; and it will be extracted out of the body. It slows down the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrate and sugar to the blood; which help in controlling the blood sugar level. Fiber can also help in regulating the bowel movement to reduce constipation.

How much do we need?

In order to consume the necessary amount of nutrients, we need to consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetable daily. 1 portion of fruits and vegetables is equal to the following:

  • For large fruit like watermelon, honeydew, pineapple and papaya; one portion will be 1 slice of it about 5cm thick.
  • An apple, pear and orange.
  • Seven pieces of strawberries
  • Fourteen cherries or grapes
  • Two kiwi fruit
  • One tablespoon of dried raisin
  • Three dried plum
  • 5cm slice thickness of cucumber
  • One regular size tomatoes
  • Four tablespoon of cooked green leafy vegetables
  • Three tablespoon of carrot, sweet corn or peas


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