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Importance of Exercising

Importance of Exercising

Exercise keeps the body moving and active. It is important to have enough exercise to keep the body fit and healthy. 20 minutes a day is all a person need to have. Importance of exercising are:

Healthy Heart

The heart needs to be exercise to keep it healthy and strong. A healthy heart has lesser risk toward stroke, heart attack as well as high blood pressure. Exercise can helps in reducing cholesterol which too much cholesterol can lead to fatal heart problem like stroke and heart attack. It also increase the body stamina, making the heart stronger and reduce body fatigue.

Reduce Body Stiffness

Pain can be due to over exertion of the body muscle. However, body pain can also be due to lack of exercise and body movement. Common problem like body stiffness on the neck, shoulder and back are due to lack of movement on the body. The body needs to be constantly moving to prevent body stiffness. It strengthen and warm up the bones and muscle and makes the body more flexible and agile.

Reduce Joint Pain

It can strengthen the joint and muscle. Keeping the joint warm is essential to prevent arthritis. If it is really painful, try some simple workout for a start before proceeding with more challenging exercise like running and cycling.

Increase Blood Circulation

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory (TCM), good blood circulation prevent a person from falling sick and feeling tire easily. The blood needs to circulate well to bring enough oxygen and nutrition to the body. And exercise increase blood circulation.

Control Weight

Lastly, it control weight by burning fats and maintain the digestive health. A good digestive health is able to helps the body digestive excess fats and oil as well as absorb more nutrient to the body. It is a natural remedy to burn excess fats.

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