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Importance of Good Sitting Posture

Importance of Good Sitting Posture

The importance of good sitting posture is to allow the body to stay comfortable and healthy. Good sitting posture will allow blood circulation to flow smoothly and also makes us healthy on the outside (look).  This is especially important for people who sit long hours in front of the computer.

Bad Sitting Posture

In bad sitting posture, it it can cause blockage of the blood flow. Leading to insufficient nutrition and oxygen being carried to the body.  Whenever there is any blood blockage in the body, pain will occur. Pain in the lower back means that there is blood blockage on the lower back. It is a reminder that a person is having poor sitting posture. Blood blockage makes a person feel more tired easily. And no matter how much more sleep the person get, he/ she still feel sleepy and tired.  In long term: it will affect the general well-being of the health. Making the person more prone to sickness and illness.

Blood blockage cause pain on the back, neck and shoulder. In more serious condition, it cause headache and numbness of the hands and leg. This is due to the blood blockage on the neck, shoulder and back that reduce the blood flow to others parts of the body. Poor sitting posture can also cause problem like freezing neck and shoulder. Whereby the person have difficulty and great pain when lifting up the arm or moving the neck.

Lastly, poor sitting posture affect the structure of the bone. If we did not take care of our back posture, the spinal bone will become crooked and makes a person hunch. It is important to keep the spinal bone at a right position to avoid hunching problem.

To maintain a healthy body and mind, it is importance to sit correctly in a good sitting posture.



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