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360 Degree Rotating Led Motion Sensor/ Torch Light


  • Light is only available in Black
  • Size: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Light will be auto on when motion is sensed.
  • Place on doorway or stairs area, when person comes in; light will be on.
  • As a thief prevention procedure.
  • Able to rotate 360 degree to adjust light direction
  • Stand on desktop
  • Available in 3 modes – on, off and auto (sensor)
  • Can be wall mounted by screw or 3m sticker
  • Light Colour: Cool White
  • Battery operated

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360 Degree Rotating Led Motion Sensor/ Torch Light

3 Different Mode:

Auto Mode: Motion Sensor Light

The light will automatically be switch on when motion is sensed within a distance of not more than 10 meter away from the sensor which is the protruding ball on the lamp.

In order to save the electricity or battery life, the sensor light can only be switched on when the area is dark. Thus in bright area, the light will not be activated.

Sensor light is a device that every house should be. It can be place near the doorway as a method to prevent theft. The moment motion is sense when coming in to the doorway, the light will automatically be switched on. This will alert the theft and prevent further crime from happening.

Sensor light can be used to improve visibility of the room when the area is is too dark to be visible. The light will be auto switch on before you can find and switch on general lighting.

The light is set at a mode that it will auto shut off the light after 30 second in auto mode.

On Mode: Torch Light / Table Lamp

Small and compact in size. It can be easily carried or moved around. A torch light is needed in every household. It can also be used as a table lamp. Led light which is cooler in temperature  and brighter than other kind of lighting. 360 degree rotating device meaning it can be position to the preferred direction by rotating the torch.

Common use of 360 Degree Rotating Led Motion Sensor/ Torch Light

  • Desktop/ table Lamp – where dull light is required
  • Sensor light to be place in the cabinet
  • Place near the doorway – auto light-up the room before the main light is been switched on
  • Portable, light and compact in size and weight. Able to use for camping.


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