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Facial Cleanser Massager Brush


  • Refillable Brush
  • Powered by 2 AAA Batteries
  • Use 2-3 minutes on every use
  • Cleans deeply into the pore to reduce and remove blackhead and whitehead.
  • Massage the skin and make the skin looks healthier and glowing
  • Face lifting tool to prevent ageing sign
  • Remove dead skin cell to prevent dull looking skin
  • It cleans thoroughly and able to remove make-up residue.
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Refillable Brush – best to change once a month
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Facial Cleanser Massager Brush

With the Facial Cleanser Massager Brush, it cleans and massage your face both at the same time. Just 2- 3 minutes a day. Your skin will be younger, healthier and brighter with every use.

Benefits of Facial Cleanser Massager Brush

  • Deep Pore Cleaning

It washes more thoroughly then the ordinary method of cleansing by hand. The micro fine bristle brush can go deep to the pore and gently clean and remove impurities. Frequent use can reduce and remove blackhead and whitehead which is caused by dirt/ sebum been stuck inside the pores.

It also helps to remove dead skin cell which makes our skin dull looking. By removing the dead skin, the skin will look brighter and glowing.



With the ordinary method of cleaning by hand, it can not go deep into the pore to clean. Impurities in the pore will still remain and cause blackhead or whitehead.


With the micro fine bristle brush, it can go deep into the pore gently without damaging the skin and clean away the impurities.

  • Make-up remover

The make-up residue can be easily remove by the vibration together with the use of fine bristle brush. It cleans thoroughly from the surface of the skin to deep into the pore.

  • Facial Massage

The Facial Cleanser Massager Brush massage the skin by vibration. There are many benefits of massaging. Massaging can improve blood circulation and provide more nutrient and oxygen supply to the skin. Moreover, good blood circulation is essential for healthy skin; which is the most natural way of detoxifying your skin against bacteria and impurities. Thus, it is a good way for dealing with oily and acne-prone skin. Healthy skin will also prevent the ageing sign of having fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Face Lifting

In addition, massage is also a natural way to do face lifting. Follow the massage steps from 1 to 8 as shown the picture below. Gently stroke about 10 to 20 seconds for every steps.


  1. Starts from chin area to prevent and reduce double chin
  2. Move along the mouth area to prevent and reduce smile line
  3. Same as No. 2
  4. Lifting the cheek.
  5. Massage around the eye to prevent and reduce dark circle and eye bag
  6. Massaging on the temple which is one of important acupuncture point. It helps relieve stress, headache, reduce tired eyes and improve blood circulation of the face and eye.
  7. Stroke up from the nose to the forehead to remove and reduce forehead line
  8. Reduce forehead line.


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Weight 80 g

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