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Guasha Jade


  • Made of 100% Genuine Green Jade
  • Act as a simple massaging tool for guasha.
  • Guasha is able to improve blood circulation and immune system
  • Provide relief to muscle pain and stiffness.

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Guasha Jade

Guasha is a kind of massaging method which is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)to heal body pain. It is done by rubbing the body on sore or pain area using guasha jade. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory believe that pain is due to blockage of qi or blood circulation. By doing so, it is able to clear blockage and promote better blood circulation.

Benefit of using Guasha Jade: 

  • Provide relief muscle pain – Common pain on the shoulder, neck and back is due to blockage of qi. Guasha is able to clear the blockage and provide muscle relief to pain and stiffness.
  • Guasha not only provide relief to pain but with frequent massage, it can improve general blood circulation and make you feel more healthy and energetic.
  • Massaging with bare hand can be quite tiring but with the help of guasha jade, it made massaging easier than ever. It is traditionally design in a shape for easy grabbing and massaging. 
  • Jade is a stone that is produce by nature. It is believes that jade produce ions that have many health benefits to us:
    1. Jade has the power to calm and relaxes our mind and helps in reducing stress.
    2. Detoxification – it is able to clear infection and helps remove excess toxin from the body.  
    3. It improve the immune system by balancing the qi between the yin and yang according to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory. 

Direction of use:

Guasha need not be done by a professional, below are some of the simple technique that everyone can learn and apply. Follow the direction of massaging as shown in the diagram below:

Facial Guasha

Facial guasha is able to improve skin complexion by removing wrinkle, fine line and makes the skin look younger. In addition, it help in facial lifting.

  1. Jaw – to maintain a V-shape face
  2. Cheek – Reduce wrinkle and fine line
  3. Eyes – prevent and reduce eye bag and dark circle
  4. Forehead – to prevent forehead line
  5. Neck – to prevent/ reduce neck line

guasha-jade-1Body Massage

Follow the direction as shown in the diagram. It is important to take note that rubbing on the correct direction is crucial; this is how our qi flow. It is useful in detoxification and guasha on pain area especially on neck, shoulder and back is able to cure pain.



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