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Portable Back Massager


  • Available in black only
  • Power Supply: Chargeable by USB
  • Light in weight and compact in size. Easy to travel around
  • Comes with 5 Different Massaging mode – Pressing, Kneading, Pinching, Tapping and vibrating
  • Red Light therapy with 40 degree celcius heat – helps in production of collagen to keep your skin young and healthy.
  • Blue Light therapy – effective for tightening the skin and remove toxin.
  • Easy reach to the back which is difficult to reach by hand


Portable Back Massager

Unique Shape

Self-massage on the back area has always being a difficult task to do. With this portable back massager, you can easily reach and massage the back body.

With the light weight of 151g, it  make self-massaging on the back even easier and comfortable. This back massager is portable and easy to travel around.

5 Different Massage Mode

You can enjoy 5 different kind of massage technique, each giving a different kind of  soothing sensation to your body.


Benefits of using Portable Back Massager

Provide Muscle Relief

There are studies showing that more and more people are visiting to the clinic for pain issue. Which backache are one of the common health problem. This may be due to the lack of exercise or long working hours. The body muscle will become stiff if we seldom exercise or when the environment is too cold. And muscle stiffness will cause pain and make us feel tired easily..

With this portable kind of body massager, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. Body massage is able to provide relief to stiff shoulder and neck as well as muscle sore. It also help to prevent backache issue. Massaging is also a way to relief stress and relaxes both your mind and body.

Light Therapy

Red Light

Red color led light produce heat of 40 degree celsius. Heat can expand our blood vessel and allow better flow of blood circulation. Good blood circulation allows more nutrition and oxygen to pass through. Hence speed up the repair of damage tissue.

Improve skin complexion by increase collagen production.

Blue Light

Blue light is proven to be effective in tightening the skin and remove toxin. Especially useful to treat and reduce pimple and acne which is sometimes found at the back of the body.

Auto Off Function

To prevent overwork of the electrical device. It will auto shut off after 15 minutes of usage.

Additional information

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 161 x 304 cm


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