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Rose Quart Acupressure Tool


  • Made of 100% genuine rose quart.
  • Rose quart aid in improving blood flow and relax our muscle
  • A tool for providing hand massage, acupressure as well as sole massage

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Rose Quart Acupressure Tool

Rose Quart

  • Rose quart is belief to have some mystic energy to improve relationship and protection you against gossip.
  • It helps in relaxing your mind and body.
  • Improve blood circulation and thereby help in detoxifying the body.

Unique Design

It is design to aid hand massaging and acupressure


Hand Massage Technique using Rose Quart Acupressure Tool

Hand massage provide muscle relief to our hand especially for people who spent long hours typing keyboard and people who have muscle or joint pain in the hand.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, massaging on the hand not only relief hand pain but it can relief any pain in other part of our body.


Move up and then down on each and every finger including thumb for 8 times


Move up and then down from the tips of thumb to index finger for 8 times


Open your palm and press light pressure on in between both finger for 10 second


Move down from the tips of the finger to the wrist 8 times for each & every fingers

What is Acupressure?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is belief that there are 360 acupoints in our body. By placing firm pressure on the acupoint will enhanced better blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and stress. Each acupoint is unique. Stimulating different point gives different impact to different health alignment.

Doing Acupressure does not require any professional skill. It is easy to do without any side effect. It is advisable to spent 10 to 20min a day to provide natural supplement and nutrition to our health.

Benefit of Acupressure

  1. Better Skin Complexion – acupressure can increase circulation on the facial skin which aid in providing more nutrition and oxygen to the skin. It helps in removing toxin especially for acne and oily skin.
  2. Relief neck, shoulder and back pain – backache, stiff shoulder and neck are common problem for people who sit long hours in the office. Lack of exercise is also one of the cause for pain. Pain is cause by blockage of blood flow. Providing acupressure will help to clear blood blockage which will help in healing of damage tissue.
  3. Treating sleep disorder – sleep disorder is usually cause by poor blood circulation. There are certain acupoint in our body that help in relieving sleep disorder. We spent one third of our time sleeping. Good quality sleep is important as it is the time where our body recharge, detox and relax.
  4. Heal body alignment – stimulating the acupoint will heels common problem like poor digestive system, water retention, arthritis, rheumatism etc.



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