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Sports Medical Compression Socks/ Foot Brace

Free Size: L for Mens & M for Women

Colour: Black and White

Suitable for

  • Arthisris and joint pain
  • Minor sports injury
  • Physical activities as well as normal daily activities
  • Enhance better blood circulation

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Sports Medical Compression Socks

Why use Sports Medical Compression Socks?

  1. Sports Medical Compression Socks is specially designed to fits to the shape of both the feet. With this incredible design, it can improve physical movement and reduce tired and painful feet.
  2. Everyday, we use the leg to walk. Thus, it is important to get a good socks as well as a good shoes to protect and prevent muscle strain and tired feet. Wearing the compression, will be able to reduce muscle strain and tired feet.
  3. According to the traditional medical theory, it is believe that on the sole of the foot; it holds the acupoint that affect all our internal organ as well as the blood circulation of all parts of our body.
  4. It is specially designed to support our foot from the toe to the ankle. It allows adjustment of better standing and walking posture.
  5. Keeping the foot warm is a crucial factor in keeping us healthy. An unhealthy person will have coldness on the hand and legs. Feet is usually the first part of the body to feel cold. warm foot will allow better blood circulation.

Compression Pressure

  • The unique compression pressure to the feet allows better blood circulation. A good blood circulation is important as it is the blood circulation that transport all the nutrients and oxygen needed to every parts of our body. Poor blood circulation will lead to lack of energy and feeling sleepy even with adequate amount of about 8 hours of sleep.
  • Compression pressure not only improve blood circulation but it also provide some massaging effect to the foot. Walking will be as good as also have a having a good foot massage when wearing.
  • It is also suitable for people with minor injury like minor muscle strain. This will helps to reduce the pressure when walking due to the improvement of a better blood circulation and massaging pressure to the acupoint on the feet.

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