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Reason for Eyebag or Dark Eye Circle Problem

Reason for Eye Bag and Dark Eye Circle Problem

People who have experience eye bag or dark circle would have experience spending on expensive eye cream which they mentioned guarantee result in reducing eye bag and dark eye circle. However, after applying the whole bottle; the problem still persist. The purpose of the eye cream is mainly to increase and maintain moisture or collagen in the skin. Eye bag and dark circle problem is related to our health as according to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) theory.

Eye bag and dark circle is closely related to problem on the kidney. Function of the kidney include:

  • Maintaining and control balance of the body fluid. Excess fluid is removed by the kidney through urine.
  • It act as a barrier to ensure blood do not enter to the urine.
  • An important organ to remove harmful toxin and bacteria out from the body.
  • Remove excess salt in the body
  • Aid in the formation of red blood cell

Why Eye Bag?

Eye bag is due to excessive fluid being stored in the body. It might be due to excessive fluid intake or poor functioning of the kidney. Normally, people who experience excessive body fluid also have other swollen area; especially on the fingers, foot and ankle.

Another reason for eye bag problem is due to excessive fats being stored around the kidney. Having a balance and healthy diet and frequent exercise can reduce and remove fats.

Why Dark Circle?

Different color of the dark circle indicate different problem.

Dark bluish color might indicate poor functioning of the kidney. It might be due to poor diet like too much salt and fats intake.

Redness or purplish color around the eye is due to stress and strain on the eye. Insomnia and overwork can cause dark eye circle. This is due to the dilation of the blood vessel. Dilatation of blood vessel allow more nutriens and oxygen to enter to the eye to allow proper vision function. Massaging on the eye is able to help in improving blood circulation around the eye. Massaging helps in relaxing the eye. Quality sleep is also necessary to allow the eye to rest and reduce stress.

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