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Simple Workout for Lazy People

Simple workout for Lazy People

Exercise is important to keep to body fit and healthy. Nutritionist has recommended that 20 minutes of exercise is all a person need to do. However, sometimes due to the busy and stressful lifestyle; 20 minutes of outdoor exercise a day might be impossible. The 20 minutes exercise need not be done outdoor, it can be done indoor with some simple workout when watching TV and during free time at home and even at work.


Lift up the leg to about 90 degree angle and continue to move it up and down. If lifting the leg to 90 degree angle is too hard for you, try lifting it at your comfortable height and you will find that the leg will get stronger and stronger after the next few workout. Swing the arm forward and backward just how the arm moves when running. Do it together when marching.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack is a common exercise that most people did during sport lesson in school days. It create movement and vibration to the whole body. This can warm up and create exercising to the whole body.  It is done by jumping and open the leg apart as well as lifting the hands up. This workout can strengthen the leg muscle and tone the hand muscle. It can also exercise the heart and lung and improve body stamina and heart muscle.

Rotating the Hip

Place the hand on the waist and rotate the hipbone in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction. This helps in preventing lower backache and improve the digestive health.

Swing the Arm

Swinging of the arm can helps in preventing upper back and shoulder pain. It warm up the body and can also slim down the hand.

Rotate the Neck

Moving the neck can prevent neck and shoulder pain. Move the head in different direction by moving left to right and right to left. Rotate the neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Lastly, move the head up and down.

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